When you lose your way
And the fight is gone
Your heart starts to break
And you need someone around now
Just close your eyes a while
I’ll put my arms above you
And make you unbreakable

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the end is where i begin

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He was honestly the only normal character in the whole movie. 

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"True," she added, because for some reason he could see through her and the letter. He was comfortable, somehow, invited himself to sit so closely next to her above that log. In her office, however, after what’s transpired, she finds herself doubting. That confidence she found in him went away as he did (and he could not invite himself into her space so easily anymore). Despite it all, his faith in her could never waver.

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Not everyone is against you. Some people will hurt you and some won’t like you, but that does not mean that everyone is against you. Be careful with who you trust but don’t stop trusting completely. Believe in the fact that people can be good, they can make your day, and you can make your own day too. Whilst it is important to love yourself, you do not need to do everything all on your own.

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CS Drabble for episode 4.02 “White Out”


AN:  I had a lot of feels with the promo (not that I’m expecting this to happen or even the possibility of happening… I sort of just wrote it to entertain my muse. It was quick and fast. So this might be complete crap but oh well…

Summary: CS drabble based off the promo for “White Out”. Killian rescues Emma from the ice cave. 

Also this is clearly un-beta’d. I wrote it in like 20 minutes. 


It took them a little over half an hour to assemble the dwarves at the edge of town.

Killian stood helplessly aside next to David, his to his face as he watched the dwarves hammer away at the cavern of ice with their pick axes. “Can’t you go any faster?” He asked shrilly, his voice strained and desperate, on the verge of break down.

“We’re going as fast as we can!” Grumpy bit back a retort with the roll of his eyes, his pick axe stilling momentarily.

Killian snarled low in his throat, his eyes narrowing and his voice crackled abruptly, “she’s dying!”

Grumpy gave him a look of mild annoyance that said, “let me do my job.” But Killian wasn’t having any of it.

He stormed towards him, his hand wrapping itself around his as he pulled him off his feet and against the cave of ice and he could feel David’s hand on his shoulder trying to pry him off of the dwarf. “Work faster!” He growled, Grumpy’s head meeting the ice.

“Killian please-“ David tried to reason with him, “this isn’t helping…”

“If she dies, you die.” He asserted, dropping releasing Grumpy to the ground, sputtering and coughing, his hand clutching his throat. “Perhaps you lack the proper motivation.” He drawled, picking up Grumpy’s abandoned pick axe and steeled himself before ceaselessly slashing away at the ice like a mad man.

A series of grunts and groans edged from his throat, sweat running down his face with the exertion, the muscles in his back strained and sore but he continued to hold on for her.

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Killian & Charming being impressed and turned on by their badass ladies

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A Tale of Two Sisters + Together

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